Design Haiku - Who we are!

Design Haiku is a company that aspires to be the best partner you will have for your Big Data needs. To accomplish this, we have been very intentional about who we have on our leadership team, who we partner with and who we hire. Our goal is to stand out, not just in central Ohio but, globally. We embrace diverse ideas, cultures and thoughts.

Design Haiku was formed by a group of IT professionals who are leaders in their field. We wanted to create a different kind of company. We are enhancing the, purely, staff augmentation model with a "knowledge network" based model. How it works - Very simply put, we are creating a knowledge network of "Big Data" consultants and we are very intentional about training and supporting them - even when they are at the client site.Who benefits from this network? You do and they do!

Our governing values

Integrity is very important to us - we strive to meet your goals in the most professional and transparent way. We work hard at giving you our best talent, knowledge and partnership.

Engagements tailored to your needs

Design Haiku does not really see geographic span as a limitation. Our consulting services engagements provide multiple channels: physical, virtual and remote techniques. We have listed our address, but only for mail and deliveries

Contacting Us


Phone: 614.588.0900


Phone: 614.588.0900