Find Business Insights Within Enterprise

High Quality - Customized - Service Offerings

Design Haiku is excited to offer services which will help take the data within your company and make it relevant. We are dedicated to providing quality and targeted services to meet your company's specific needs.

Training Services

We are currently putting together a training offering that will take a developer, who meets prerequisites, from entry level to advanced level development skills. - Check Back - Better Yet, get on our e-mail list and become eligible for training discounts!

Consulting Services

Some of the most talented consultants are being attracted and trained by Design Haiku's comprehensive training program. We have some of the most skilled developers, designers and project managers available for consulting services.

This is just part of our consulting model - our "knowledge network" is what sets us apart from your average company. We support, train and mentor our consultants continually - even when they are on your site. We believe this makes them more valuable to you and keeps them current and excited about their trade.

Partner Network

At Design Haiku, we recognize the need to partner with some of the best. This allows us to serve our customers by having a network that extends our abilities and services. We are actively pursuing a strong partner network. If you are interested in engaging with Design Haiku, please contact us.